Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hehyo Wittle Mouse!

When the chickens and guinea hens moved out the coop... somebody else moved in! Using the paper shreds and the feathers left behind this adorable mouse made the most beautiful nest ever (you know except if it had some glitter and sequins to work with). Mouser happens to be super friendly too, it popped out the nest to check me out :) --- and how cute is it dat a wittle feather is stuck on it's nose!!!?
Many people are terrified and grossed out by mice, maybe from some kind of biological, evolutionary junk caused by rat poop/fleas giving us horrible plagues... but as for now, no plagues are afoot and I would snuggle up with this little fur muffin if it would let me. My cat Toots though, would eat it - so probably sharing a bed together at night wouldn't work out anyway.


Kittie Howard said...

Cute!! Love that name, Toots! When we lived in Kenya, Chester and Chena killed and ate (save for the head/tail) the forest rat that tried to get in bed and nibble my toes. They got their green cards, returned to the States with us and retired, never bothered another critter, strictly Fancy Feast converts.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kittie :)
Toots really ended up being a good name for her - she's a trashy diva... (it's pronounced like 'tootsie roll').
I can't believe it really got in your bed with you! The other day a cat here (Lily) chased a mouse into the other bedroom where Bort was sleeping and the mouse got under his covers & squeezed under his stomach to hide.
I was soooo jealous.