Friday, February 19, 2010

Humor: Black Sheep

I found this ad below today in the local classifieds called , it made me laugh. :)

"Free black sheep to anyone who can catch.



Lou Cheese said...

To anyone who can catch?????

What are they going to do, fire it out of a cannon?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Mr. Cheese - how is it you always manage to make the funny even funnier! lol
I was thinking my parents could have put that same ad in the paper for me when I was little. ;)

Lou Cheese said...

It's like one weekend I went and saw the folks instead of the usual study all weekend in grad school, and they had a 24 hr news station on with that little ticker running st the bottom of the screen and it said "Hurricane Charley barrels down on the Gulf coast".

And I thought "When did they start giving hurricanes last names?"

Think about it....

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

uh, i dont get it...!!!