Friday, February 26, 2010

All The Therapy You Need

There are so many things in nature which have saved my life, physically and emotionally. Nature doesn't choose by personal preferance, it chooses by survival. And while this may seem cruel at one turn, there is nothing cruel about it, it is simply part of the natural process of life on earth.
I suppose at one time I used to watch nature do it's thing and just be amazed by the beauty, then as I submerged myself into it 24/7 I saw that there was as much destruction as there was creation, there was value in every living and dieing thing - and most of all there were these simple therapeutic messages in the way eco systems function. Messages so simple and strong, they changed my life to one that was more tolerable inside my chattering mind, a life more accepting and at peace. No, I didn't get totally buddha and enlightened... just less miserable with better skills of coping.

While society teaches us to take everything personally, nature says don't sweat it... it wasn't thinking of you when it made that hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, thunderstorm, or big wind come your way.
Basically if you have a question about your life, take a moment to go outside and watch how things function outside the modern human realm, and there is an solution. One so simple, usually we don't like it.

Watch dis' video below... cause the ants say it betta' ...



Liberty said...

what an awesome video Leslie!
it made me think right away, "In what way can I be my own lifeboat to ride through rough waters?"
community can help be a lifeboat too but I think we each have impressive inner resources we can tap into if we look at things from outside our usual paradigm.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Kittie Howard said...

Great video! Like it or not, we're all in this together. And, like the ants, we have to soldier on...with a bit of creativity and inner awareness and ....

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Ya'll have such good interpretations!
I was thinking, first just that even in a situation that seems as though one may drown, there are solutions beyond the norm, ones that are probably embedded in our instincts if we try to not distort them.

Funny, i didn't think much about the community effort as much as I amazed over there being possibilities to saves oneself, that are in no way tragic, but are beautiful.

Trade Smart University said...
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Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I am in awe of what spam bots can do these days. I am totally leaving that comment above up -
Look how it was able to phish my main keyword "nature" out of my post and place is awkwardly but somewhat making sense into their spam bot comment!?!??
That shit is amazing.