Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things I Do While It's Snowing and I'm Sitting On The Toilet

I built a toilet paper roll Stone Henge!


Anonymous said...

WOW lol, I just looked up "what to do while its snowing" and this came up. I can't do anything because I have a cold. :(

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Aru -
aw- i suppose you can still play with toilet paper rolls while laying in bed. :)

other things I do while it's snowing...
*read a book (i started "animal farm" last night)
*write my own fiction book
*carve gourds into bat houses (aka- creative projects)
*sit really close to the wood stove hoping to break a sweat
* think about whether i would survive an apocalypse (zombie related or not)

Things i could do in the snow(but dont wanna freeze my butt off):
* build snow sculptures
* look at animal tracks