Sunday, January 10, 2010

Set Up Yo Crib For Free Using Craigslist!

Did ya ever notice on Craigslist (the ultimate free classifieds of the interwebs) there is a section where people give stuff away for free? Reminiscent of New York City garbage nights, you could fill an empty house up in one week by scouting the consumer overflow on the free section of craigslist in your city - for all your furnishings and hobbies! Including your moving boxes (cause there's so much free shit to pick up you might need some boxes)!

So, you might wanna get that Free Tv and then realize you have nowhere to put it.... but oh, here is a free black entertainment center to put it on. Of course, you need a lazy boy or couch to sit back and relax on while you watch your free TV and all those free old school VHS tapes. And a free dog or cat(maybe rabbit) to keep ya warm and loved, right??
You can blow dry your dog's fur after giving him a bath, and then go to bed on your free mattress propped up on your free wooden futon frame. When you wake up refreshed from your nap, you can start your gardening project with your free gardening tools, and build your compost pile and raised beds with some free tractor tires and free leaf mulch. Plus catch some rain water in your free 55 gallon drums. If gardening doesn't suit ya, cause it's freezing cold out, you can always start sewing on your free sewing machine!!! Or maybe learn some new recipes on your free electric stove and put ya leftovers in your free fridge.
Talk about saving big $$ on the common modern day luxuries and pastimes! And super eco not to have to rely on walmart and other big box stores to deliver the goods for you.

plus there is always next week... when more clothes, pianos, animals, furniture, Tv's, and services are offered for free!
(Always beware of scammers and spammers on craigslist, and otherwise partake in the FREE LOADING!)


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Leslie's Gone Oko said...

FYI :::

for those local to Western North Carolina, there is a classifieds paper at IWANNA.COM - put "free" in the search box and find all kinds of free goodies, including free oak firewood!
(using the search you will have to sift through a few non free items that happened to have the word free in the ad, but so worth it.)