Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fungus Amongus

The epic snow storm back in December left a scar of white snow blanketed across every inch of ground here for nearly a month - until big warm and welcomed rains began hitting the tin roof, and dissolving the snow from the mountain ridge line first, down to the ground a few days later. The birds were happy, the pig was happy, the giant bunny was happy, and I am ecstatic to finally have a chance to see life again! Even if most of it got mashed under the weight of the snow. Yesterday I found a few spots of mushrooms and fungus actually growing, because the weather warmed up to more of a fall or spring temperature - and between the snow melting and the rain falling there was more then enough moisture to make the spores come alive!
These top three pics are all on an apple tree that was half dead, and then cracked in half and fell down during the winter hell weather. The branches and dead limb are going to make good kindling and fire starting wood. :)
This pink mushroom below was growing out the ground up in the woods. It was the only one I saw but I bet there is more!
Behind me in this next pic is something I LOVE about Big Sandy Mush - rocks will be covered in thick piles of green moss along streams, some so thick it's like nature's very own soft carpet. I have found gigantic rocks completely covered in it in the sun, perfect to lay down on and rest comfortably on the cushy pad of green. There is moss all over western north carolina, but this area seems to be the most abundant I have ever seen - giving it a magical, jungle feel. Even during the winter! I wonder if the cleaner an area the healthier the moss?

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