Thursday, January 14, 2010

Collecting Pine Cones For My Plants

See all those plants? Those are some of my organic babies I keep indoors in the winter, a few year round... I fill up half my bedroom with plants mainly cause i love them, but also for good indoor air quality. You can see my cat Toots loves them too, she likes to sit in the pot with the tiny pine trees i started this past summer from pine nut seeds. :) I am always adding things to my potted plants to help keep them alive- like leaves, horse dookie, wood shavings, dried flowers/weeds, rocks and pine cones. It gives the little slugs, doodle bugs, and worms a place to live, eat and breed- making the plant's soil much healthier in the cramped space of a pot.

Today I went for a walk down Willow Creek Road to a spot where I had seen some big sap layered pine cones, that I wanted to collect for my potted plants and for decorating with AND so i can touch them and smell the pine sap whenever I want... ;) mmmm. It was so fun to get out the freakin' house after all these weeks of frigid temperatures keeping me mostly trapped inside, we finally got up to almost 50 degrees today... ya know, in the sunny spots.
When I got home I gave each of my babies a few new pine cones. :) YAY!


Wild Canary said...

I like your style. sometimes I get caught up the way most folks do stuff, and then I do it my way. I never thought to put the pine cones on the soil like that. I do alot of other goatie buttons and leaves...and pine needles on the ones that like acid.
You have a beautiful garden...have started micro greens yet? I have wanted to for awhile...maybe today!
Thanks for sharing Leslie!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

thanks Wild Canary!
I like collecting stuff to put on my plants in pots, cause it seems to keep them alive and healthy longer - especially cause i dont use any store bought/artificial fertilizers.
I had started greens in the fall, but the snow came and never melted still so the winter garden this year is buried under the snow. The greens in it were mostly kale - and were very micro. :) They tasted good though and i was eating them a few times a week.
Are you doing some indoors or do you have a greenhouse?

nicole said...

I love your style, too! I love that you live in the mountains with your animals. I do too, but in California. You're like a cute Pippi Longstocking, and I love your Youtube videos. Please make more!

karina said...

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