Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moss In The Woods (I Love it!)

Rememba' how I was talking about loving moss the other day? I decided to go out and get some close up pictures for ya'll of the crazy variety of moss we have here. Some are fuzzy, some look like tiny ferns, some burst like micro firecrackers, and all create waves of soft carpeted green perfect for a unicorn to sleep on. :)
This pic above is a common moss growing on tree limbs which are constantly moist, below are the kind that look like itty bitty fern leaves- possibly my favorite.
But then I walked over to one big rock....
and on this rock was every kind of moss, succulent and tiny plant you could eva' think of - a rock which seemed to be a planet of it's own - an eco system growing on a larger eco system (and so on as big as the universe!)
You can see on the big rock lots of shapes and textures of the moss all collide and co-inhabit, making patches of slight color variations.
Other micro plants seem to love growing in the moss, cause usually underneath you find the blackest, most moist dirt and earth worms, centipedes and other crawlers.
Explosive! ;)
Sometimes I wish I could take some the moss and make myself a moss garden, but they always seem to die. The balance of elements moss needs to grow is a delicate one meant for nature to provide. Some things have to be enjoyed in their natural state... even though I wish I could take it right into my bedroom.


linda said...

: )st

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Linda! I think so too.

Wild Canary said...

You brought the moss right in with those wonderful green the the moss....your snow melted...Our moss still has snow caps...thanks, leslie...I love the woods walks.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Wild Canary!
Moss seems like the only green thing left in the winter - at least that bright green.
I am soooooo glad the snow melted this last week, we had tons of rain instead and that is fine by me. That snow freaking seems less pretty when your pipes freeze, electricity goes out for a week at a time, and knocks everything down leaving a big huge mess. ;)