Monday, January 11, 2010

Gluten Free & Organic Chickpea Burgers

Here is a recipe I made up a few years ago using chickpeas to make a nice yummy bean burger patty free of gluten, dairy, meat, and most any common food allergen! Each time I make it they come out a little bit different so I will share the basic recipe and you can make it your own with your favorite herbs, beans or spices. :)

What You'll Need:
  • Eden Organic Canned Chickpeas (or other gluten free brand) - 2 cans
  • Lundberg Organic Brown Rice -1/2 a cup
  • Organic Herbs- rosemary, parsley, oregano or basil (whichever you like best, in amounts you like)
  • Organic Red Onion - 1/3 chopped up
  • Organic Olive Oil - couple teaspoons
  • Ume Vinegar or Sea Salt- shake to personal salt preference

STEP 1: Cook the chickpeas and rice. I cooked mine with bay leaf, rosemary and ume plum for salt.

STEP 2: Smash the rice and chickpeas with a fork till textured. I made more rice then normal for this batch - a helpful hint is not too much rice and make sure all water is drained out, the burger will stick together better this way. Wet burgers will taste good but will fall apart.
STEP 3: Add chopped onion and herbs to the smooshed up chickpeas.

STEP 4: For pazzazz I added some grated carrot, then threw in the ume vinegar (salt source) & 3 teaspoons of olive oil.
STEP 5: Mix it all up and then form patties in your pan. You can cook them without oil, fry them with oil, or bake them to get an outside crunchy layer!!! I topped mine with baked shittake mushrooms and ate it straight out the pan with a fork. :) Mmmmmm. Goooood.


Wild Canary said...

This looks so good...I had forgotten about chickpeas! How could I...thanks for the picturesque reminder...bon appetite!

Lou Cheese said...

Looks great. You can also grind up chickpeas to make bread, or grind them up and add a little water and form them into french fries. (I'm going to do the bread, I saw the chickpea fries on The Iron Chef).

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Wild Canary!
I love when i remember a forgotten food, it's like discovering it for the first time again. It happens to me alot, because so many things i COULD eat but cant cause they are wheat dusted (a no no for celiac)...
i love chickpeas!

Lou -
I would like to find a source of dried chickpeas, and every other bean, that are gluten free and not wheat dusted during packaging. Also organic. That would rock. I can see how it would help make a good bread. and chickpea french fries sounds AWESOME.

psychedalicpunk said...

Yumm! and so much cheaper than meat too! Thanks for the recipe :)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey psychedalicpunk ... cheaper then meat for sure. The main reason I add rice to the recipe is because it makes the beans a complete protein by combining a grain. That way you aren't left hungry feeling after. If ya happen to eat it on a bun, that would function the same way and the rice isnt needed, but i like what it adds. :)