Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hot Rocks to Warm Ya' Body!

Have you ever tried this trick? You can put dry rocks on top your heater, radiator or wood stove and get them nice and warm (or burning raging hot)... then you can stick them either in your pockets, over your heart to warm your blood stream, or the most special place in your cold cold COLD BED! I like to put mine on the wood stove and get them so hot that I have to wrap them in a few layers of fabric, then I shove it under the covers in my bed and wait 5 or 10 minutes before getting in. This makes the transition to cold sheets in the winter 100 x's more bearable!! I snuggle up with those hot rocks and put them on my belly.

PS ::: Make sure your rocks are not wet and fresh from a stream, if they get too hot they could explode! Let them dry out first. :)



mara said...

Hey, have you tried doing the rock warmed bath ting again? I remember your fail from last year, I really wish that had worked for you. Out here in South Texas the only bed warmer I need is my scrawny chihuahua, i don't even have to turn the heat on:) It's barely like 50 degrees, and it was in the seventies yesterday...definitely some advantages to living here...

corrie said...

I know who has hot rocks...

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Mara -
No... the hot bath was an epic fail cause the water didnt change temperature at all. I heard you have to keep rotating rocks from a fire till it finally boils, and i think a tub full of water (in a freezing cold tub) might take a long time. I think about a hot bath often, in fact i was just daydreaming about submerging myself in a hot clawfoot tub full of water with epsom salts in it. oooh. yeah.

Corrie -
lol... is this literal or maybe a perverted joke that is going ova' my frozen head?

Kittie Howard said...

You're spot on! I visited a small cottage shop near D.C. last year that sold bed warming rocks with they wouldn't burn the skin, scorch the linens...and, the only cover left was the one on display. Gold in them thar rocks! (My grandmother used to warm bricks!)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

YOu just gave me a great idea... i can sew organic fleece hot rock pockets and sell them with the rocks on etsy. :)
Your grandmother knew the fatter the longer they stay hot!

Lou Cheese said...

Many Indian tribes used fire-heated rocks in their sweat lodge ceremonies to get the temperature inside the hut to the right level without subjecting the participants inside to all the smoke from the fire and coals.

Just be certain that you aren't using limestone, as it can explode if subjected to a high enough temperature. Many Kansas pioneers first tried using limestone as a firewall between their old wood stoves and the walls of house, only to discover this fact.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Yes in deed, we do warm pohaku (stones of the Hawaiian version) in a pan of water on our hotplate. The one favorite stone we use is heart shaped and she does keep the heat for a good long time. Nothing better than the grounding heat of stone to warm you to the bone!

And yes, we dream of a tub filled with hot water and epsom salts, too!

We love them.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Lou Cheese -
Thanks for the lore and warning. I feel so bad for anyone who may have built an entire stone fireplace by hand only to have it start exploding in the dead of winter while trying to keep warm. That must have been shocking for them.
An indian sweat lodge would be like a modern sauna - I have never done one but in this area people do them regularly.

That is cool you heat yours in the water... do you let it come to a boil? HOw do you keep them from exploding?
Tub dreams.... sigh. It's about 5 degrees here again.