Saturday, January 9, 2010

DIY: Threadbanger Scarves!

Here is a lil Threadbanger Scarf project/video to keep you thinking warm upcycle thoughts during these cold days! What I would do to change this DIY project up to make it more compatible for the real winter cold, is instead of using old t-shirts to make these neat scarves I would use old wool, mohair, cashmere, hemp, etc sweaters either in your closet, a friends closet or at your local thrift store. The t-shirt fabric will not keep ya warm during the dead of winter ( makes a good transition into spring creation tho) - for immediate use choose something truly warm to cut up!



Liberty said...

that kicked a$$!

thanks Leslie!
I am looking at my t-shirts in a whole new light.

p.s. 'threadbangers' brilliant name!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Liberty!

I LOVE the girl in this video's book! My neighbor once let me borrow the first T-shirt transformation book and i made some really fun stuff from it in organic cotton.
I didn't even know there was a SECOND book till i watched this threadbanger video... I soooo want the second book - it will keep me so much more occupied during these terrible snow days we have been having. Not to mention they make fun summer projects too. Alot of them were NO SEW too!!!

I put this video on facebook and i had comments from people suggesting using discarded FLEECE fabric from a thrift store, or scrap bin for the scarves too. Good ideas!

PS_ there are bunches of Threadbanger Videos on Youtube!

Annie Robertson said...

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