Monday, July 20, 2009

Wrestling In Big Sandy Mush (Part 2)

Oh lordy, I can't believe they moved wrestling to a sunday afternoon in this culturally bible belt certainly set an entirely new mood, a smaller crowd and maybe even a few new wrestling rules since only the most die hard & friends were present. But it had it's advantages too. I walked in a little fashionably late just as the first match was getting started, sat down, and this picture below is the first thang that happened!!!! Holy Shiznit- dudes were flying like they were comic book heroes wearing olympic gold medals! That's some seriously ninja style moves going on. In all the matches the usual form was bad guy VS good guy again and many of the wrestlers were the same as last time (except for the flying bad boy, he was new to me)... what was totally unusual this time though was the mood. The crowd was slightly more lazy and quiet because it was 2 o'clock on a sunday afterall ( Jesus says to yell a little less on this day), and this made the wrestlers act like it was a private show where they could ham it up twice as fancy and laugh their asses off at their own acrobatics!
There seems to always be a moment where the drama peeks so high wrestlers step in for their partners and threaten the other team with large objects. In the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) they use big terrible stuff like pipes, toilets, sinks, and chairs - oh but no, not here in Big Sandy Mush though, sunday wrestling brought on an ECW style threat with a freaking BANJO!!! ha! The bad guys totally feared the banjo too (who wouldn't), the hottie wrestler pretended to rock out on it (even though from where i sat it looked like it had no strings) - possibly they even feared his grace with the banjo cause he is probably the wrestler with the most martial art/gymnast style strategy.Now there were a few moments where I was appalled into laughter - one was when a kid started chanting "dough boy" to the wrestler with a belly, somehow getting the whole crowd in on it!!! OMG! And threatened said wrestler with his folding chair, till his family calmed him down. Then when a wrestler would pout, act like a baby and yell shit like "he pulled my hair, did you see that, he pulled my hair!"... the wrestler proceeded to point out some farmish looking young adults and said "you saw it, didn't he pull my hair?", to which the boys shook their head "NO", and he yelled "Don't Listen to those HIPPIES!" ... ha, the only hippies in the place got called out (assuming I'm not a hippie).
Then this awesome thing happened...
I bet you are wondering what is going on in that picture above, cause no one is being pulverized?! That is cause a tag team match was about to start, and low and behold they was playing ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS to decide who would go first ! oh yeah baby. They DID!The good guys actually WON! And at this time I want to point something else totally phenomenal about this wrestling match, and that was for half the rounds there was a FEMALE referee!!!
Pictured here below is me with one of my FAVORITE wrestlers from the Hillbilly Team! Thumbs up is the standard pose for a winner, I suspect cause you can flex muscles while giving it ;)
Next Wrestling Match In Big Sandy Mush on AUGUST 15th 2009!
Ps- did you miss reading PART 1? Go Here!


Mokihana and Pete said...

Relaxation in the Mush. There is nothing quite like your way of getting out of Catholic School Girl chapter into the mix. Such fun, Leslie. You go, and what no perfume in the maze?


Leslie @ the oko box said...

One thing that's good about the wrestling is the gym is ventilated with open windows, open doors, and big huge fans- which keeps the smell of other people down (aka perfumes, etc...) People have to smoke outside too - so it's really not too bad. I do better if I sit near the door and take a break or two for fresher air though.
Also because I live in the woods now with lots of constant fresh air, when i have exposure to junk that usually bothers my MCS, it takes longer to bother me.

Lou Cheese said...

That sure seems a lot of fun, and I must say, you look absolutely stunning in that last pic.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Mr Cheese!
Thank you very much, that's what my hoochie shoes do for me (and standing next to a weird & sweaty man in speedos)- wrestling is fun to watch, mainly cause the community center is the closest place I can bike to where action happens. :)