Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HimalaSalt Rocks (Pun Intended)

Here's the reason I love this salt - I can not use any brand of food, organic or not, without first checking with a company whether it is completely beyond a shadow of a doubt gluten free. I mean gluten free in the most hardcore, no cross contamination or I get brain damage and digestive horror kind of autoimmune hell fire way. I frequently get the cold shoulder or no answer from companies when I inquire about whether products are free of cheap wheat fillers & dusting... here is what I wrote to Himalasalt:
"Hey Ya'll !
I have celiac sprue and am on a gluten free diet. I have to make sure all my food is free of gluten, even of contamination with other gluten foods or the dusting of food belts by vendors.
Can someone let me know if your salt is safe for me to eat- by explaining how your facility works, and if there is gluten in the facility?
THANKS! leslie
This is the standard friendly inquiry I usually (hate to have to) send out, but I did not get the usual letter back - instead I got what every person with Celiac Sprue, food allergies of every kind, and those with chem sensitivities wants to hear!...
"Dear Leslie,
We are a completely gluten free facility. We have our own certified organic/kosher for passover facility, where we do all of our own packing. We don't copack for anyone else, nor do we store any gluten, wheat, corn, nuts, shellfish, or any other allergenic substances in our facility. From what I've heard from many
other people like yourself, as well as grocery buyers across the country trying to find a clean product for their customers, we are the only ones that I'm aware of that maintains a facility of this type for packing salt.
Also, we do not iodize our products. Any salt that has been iodized has corn/dextrose included, as that is the base in which the iodine is delivered.
You can feel confident in the cleanliness and purity of HimalaSalt, and I wish you the best health ever!

My best, Melissa
Go Melissa! That letter was the unicorn at the end of the rainbow for those with food allergies! Thanks for making a product that is an example of what all consumerism should look like. I made some bad ass pickles with the Himalasalt using cucumbers, herbs and onions from my organic garden! :)


Meg said...

Himalayan salt is one of my most favorite things! I have not seen that brand, though. I use rock salt for baths, finer salt for food, and a salt lamp for my room.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey Meg!
You have a salt lamp? WHat exactly is a salt lamp?
I saw on the himalasalt website they had salt bowls, which if I was a alot richer, would certainly indulge in! The actual salt rock is so beautiful and pink - looks like marble but prettier.

July 9, 2009 9:28 AM

Meg said...

A salt lamp is a hunk of Himalayan slat with a hole carved in the middle, where a small bulb fits. When turned on, hte bulb gets a little warm, it ionizes th air. Just like you always here about how the people that work in the himalayan slat mines are practically illness free (or at least allergy and respiratory issue free)and this tries to do the same thing for your room. I certainly notice a difference, and not just from the great warm glow! I can't remember where I got mine, but just google it, an you can read about how amazing they are.

What is a slat bowl for? I have never heard of that.

Aalina Eden said...

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