Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leafy Grasshopper

These are the kind of grasshoppers that have such awesome camo (looking exactly like a leaf and all) that I rarely get the chance to see one. This one was very confident in his ability to blend in and was convinced for quite a while that there was no possible way I had spotted him - allowing me to really get close up and observe. He stayed perfectly still and when he was ready to eat again only the tiniest parts of his mouth moved, I mean tiny!
He was eating on my organic mustard greens (growing in my garden) which are now going to seed - so I don't really mind if he helps himself a little, it will probably only make the plant more anxious and hardy in making it's seeds. In the sunlight you could see almost straight through his body, making it totally look like a leaf lit up by daylight... biomimicry rocks!


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