Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jimson Weed

Little Shop Of Horrors anyone? Jimson weed (also known as Thorn-Apple) is the kind of plant that has so many nuances it becomes legend in your garden or field. Let's start with's a nightshade- a smelly, stinky weed so bad when you pick it, it leaves your hand smelling like poisoned meat nutty hell fire. It's nasty funk scent isn't just confined to it's stem and leaves, according to old farmers here if you plant your squash next to it the poor squash comes out tasting like Jimson Weed! Woo gross. But it gets even more curious then that...
Jimson Weed is considered a "virulent narcotic poison". Dat's some big words that mean this plant is a toxin that can be easily overdosed. The reason people overdose on this smelly ass plant is because it can also make a person hallucinate, with a little vertigo & nausea & delirium & possible death thrown in the mix for good measure. The Navajo Indians described ingesting Jimson like this "Eat a little, and go to sleep. Eat some more, and have a dream. Eat some more, and don't wake up" - creepy, the not waking up part is usually right after the seizures and coma. And best check it before ya wreck it, cause Jimson Weed is also an illegal drug in the USA- on that note there is all kinds of wacky info on the internet about taking it as a herbal medicine for various health probs such as asthma. Hmmm.

So here's a little word of mouth (oral tradition) about the J Weed that interests me the most- I was told there were studies done where people were administered the seeds of the plant in order to calculate reactions, hallucination, functions etc... this was done in a clinical setting. The people who participated in the study noticed something strange AFTER the whole tripping out narcotic thing was over, and that was they begin having reactions to all kinds of stuff, like prescription drugs and chemicals. Basically being poisoned by the plant caused chemical sensitivities in the participants. Wowsers. Kudos & Love to anyone who can find me some online info on these studies...



Gratuitous said...

I haven't looked for info on the long-term studies, but this should deter anyone from trying it out for fun:

The end of the page is interesting and creepy.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey gratuitous!
That was some good info - the last paragapgh is kinda funny cause it gets cut off right at the "big black dog" coming to talk to him part, and i think he's refering to Son Of Sam or some serial killer shit. I couldnt tell if he was being sarcastic or not.
I think mainly the info points to the plant being to dangerous for self dosing. Luckily, possible death and delerium are not my style.

Anonymous said...

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