Saturday, July 25, 2009

Organic Winter Squash(es)

I Have a question about winter squash... when there is more then one squash, do you say "squashes" or just plain ole' "squash"? I have been vastly poked fun of for adding the "es" at the end of the word squash- but have heard other people say the same thing. I am not sure if I care whether it's correct or not, but more so that I can find others like me...then we can start an organic hippie commune together called "Squashes Eagle Cloud". Just kidding. ;)
So here are some of the neat-o winter squashes I have growing in my organic garden (these are not quite ripe yet, but getting there)...
I think that first one might turn out to be a Kubucha Squash (or some fancy name like that, that spell check doesnt recognize) - this is one of many that I collected the seeds myself from store bought organic squash, dried them and then replanted. :) I got some serious variety going this way.
In the pic above, that's my squash joy! It's siamese! And a Buttercup! I have some regula' buttercups too, but for some reason throughout my garden I have experienced occassional siamese genetics.
Mmmmmm, BUTTERNUTS! I've got bunches of these guys, and some that are even crook necked! There's another type of winter squash just sitting on top of those that I am not sure what variety it is. The big ole' honker below is a Spagetti squash, which are one of my most favorite kinds! If you've never had them, try one- they flavor really well, are mild (not too sweet, not too squashy) and the best part is you pull out the squash with a fork and it peels out in strips kinda like pasta.
Then last is my shy little pie pumpkins! I didn't grow any big guys this year, because I mainly wanted the sweet kind that are edible (as in taste good). These are really cute- they just started turning orange after a long period of being super dark green.
Rock on my sweet squashes!

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Erik said...

Nice variety.

I tried several new heirloom varieties this year, but only a few of them did well (I wasn't able to weed/water them early on due to a neighbor staining his porch).