Saturday, July 4, 2009

Name This (Big & Imposing) Beetle

This is the kind of insect that inspires artists like Jim Henson to create amazing creatures for their movies, like The Dark Crystal. This beetle sort of appeared in my bedroom with a sudden thud on the floor... it was so HUGE laying there on it's back, I didn't hesitate to pick it up and place him on wooden clothes pin to get a better look. And Holy Toodles, this beetle not only is amazing to look at (stripes, armour, built like a tank) but it's packed with personality too! If the county would allow him to do so, he would totally apply for his own library card.
Welcome to Beetle Theatre, where tonight's topic is: Why Does this Human Not Leave Me Alone? ;)
.... I promise that he's not on a broadway stage, it's just my bath towel, a clothespin and lamp.
What a fantastic, outrageous, expressive face it has - in this very last picture he was feeling timid and afraid because my cat was being her instinctual poohead self and gave him a little slap. He recoiled in a way I have never seen an insect quite do, it was very animal and awesome.



Gratuitous said...

Ummm... I don't know quite how to say this, but you've got a type of (there are many) dung beetle in your house. Don't know why he's there, but you might not want to feed it. That being said, how valuable they must be in their little segment of the circle of life! Someone's gotta clean up the shit; as long as it's someone else. They're also cool in another way: they are of the family of scarab beetles, sacredly revered by the ancient Egyptians.

Lou Cheese said...

I'd call him "Buttons", because he looks like a vintage clothes button in the second pick, and it's kind of a play on words considering his job and all.....

Leslie @ the oko box said...

My first instinct was "wow a dung beetle" ... but then I thought that it was weird to actually be seeing one in my house- I also didn't know we had those here in western north carolina. Fun!

Mr. Cheese- OMGawd, 'buttons'... is a good name. I bet he wouldn't like it though. ;)
I put him back outside so hopefully he can breed and make more of his smart self.

Meg said...

Very cute! Or, if you are reading these comments to Mr. Dung Beetle himself, very sophisticated.

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