Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Littlest Woolly Worm (I Eva' Saw)

Ya'll, check out this crazy tiny woolly worm! When I first moved to Western North Carolina I was amazed by all these big fuzzy caterpillars with red and black stripes marching around - and was informed right away (by locals) that the coloration of the woolly worm predicted how cold a winter was going to be. Kinda like how people say the squirrels are extra fury if it's going to be mega cold- the woolly worms tell you how winter is going to be based on the black (being the cold parts) and then the red (being the warmer parts of the winter) starting from the head to it's woolly rear end.
These pictures are of the tiniest one I have eva' seen, normally they are quite big and forthright, hauling ass to some unknown location - giving you only a glance of your near future. According to this baby here it's going to start out pretty freaking cold, have a spell of warmth, blast back into cold for the second half of winter, and then pull in the spring with warm months. That micro dot of black on it's butt, hope that doesn't mean a "dogwood winter" where it snows one last time late in april! :) Smooches to this cutie!

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