Monday, May 11, 2009

Cardinal Crazies

This is Mr. Coo Coo Clock Cardinal. He's been at my window for about 5 days now... the first few hours were beautiful and I thought for sure he was just eating bugs out there joyously while singing. Then 24 hours passed and he was still at it, increasing his bravery, singing, and pecking hard at the glass. By day three I was about to lose my f-en mind because before the rooster could even crow Mr. Cardinal was banging at my window like an Alfred Hitchcock movie at it's frightening climax. I wondered if he was going to actually break the glass and when I shoo'ed him away he went and begin rounds of every window on the house - pecking in perfect strategic patterns (swoop down past right pane, bang the hell out of left pane, swoop to bamboo, sing, move on the next set of windows...). The cats inside the house were jumping in the air, but that didn't stop Coo Coo Clock - he just went on obsessing over that mysterious bird reflecting back to him in the window- from sunrise to sun down, rain or shine. Sometimes I don't know if he makes me sad or if I want to hold a cat out the window in his predictable path to catch him and put a deadly end to the insanity. He's made me laugh, he's made me cry, Coo Coo has made me even beg for mercy.Gawd help me to not wanna kill him. What do you do with a bird gone Edgar Allen Poe's the raven on ya ?


Gratuitous said...

Open some windows for awhile. See what happens.

The Oko Box said...

If opening and closing windows helps build muscles,I am going to be a world champion this week :) For some reason he doesnt seem to mind an open window with a blood thirsty cat sitting right there drooling for it. Of course now he's been around so long the cats are even beginning to ignore him.

Gratuitous said...

Poor fella. He sees another male, as brilliantly plumed as himself, and he's just gotta attack the fargin' barstich rival (not that there appears to a sweet yet plain piece of avian-ass around to compete for). But if the mirrored reflection of himself is taken away, then what? Confusion and a cat. So maybe put out a feeder and try to attract a female for the frustrated dude? Pimp it. Just don't wear any red when you open the windows. Unless you want to do battle with a love-starved, pissed-off little red prick.

The Oko Box said...


That little a-hole bird is still tormenting me, now for over a week I believe. Too bad it's the state bird that's chosen to go insane, cause it's against the law to... you know.
Anyone needing an alarm clock can come catch him and take him to your house!

Anonymous said...

ha! I am having the exact same problem at my house right now. It's been going on for a week- and because of it I am no longer allowed to sleep in past 6am. I was thinking I should name him... "coo coo bird" sounds good to me. How long did it take for your bird to stop this craziness?