Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chipmunk Joins My Wild Kingdom (my house)

In the words of the 80's rock band Poison... "Oh my god look what the cat dragged in"! But this little chipmunk outsmarted the two cats running in fanciful circles around the house, with Chippy a few steps ahead- under & over the bed, scaling walls, knocking down knick knacks, taking refuge behind the litter box. For hours. And hours. I don't even want to point it out, but the fur on the end of his tale went missing during this time, which you can see in the pic above...Grossssss! It wasn't until Chippy ended up in the bathroom sink somehow that he was caught and released back into the wild... the other wild not inside my house.
Before going free, most likely to then become snake food - he posed for these professional head shots. Possibly he could achieve some Alvin & the Chipmunks celebrity status as he's always dreamed of. ;)



Noel said...

That is a seriously photogenic chipmunk.
Those gloves keep coming in handy, don't they?

The Oko Box said...

There was no way anyone was going to pick up Chippy without some gloves, he was certainly going to bite. A tiny little Vole tried to bite me a few days ago when I touched it, luckily it stopped midway and ran instead of break the skin on my finger. Sometimes I forget how pissed they are....cause they are so furry and cute.