Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Injured Baby Bunny

Awwwwww. Poor yittle bunneh got caught by a cat... until I scooped him up into my hands and fell in love. Normally when a cat has another animal in it's clutches I don't interfere in fear of leaving the injured party to a long slow bleeding death & therefore being a waste completely. All things change when a tiny baby bunny's soft fur touches my hands, with black pearly eyes that S.O.S for mercy and freedom.
The injuries appeared to be superficial to me, in that I saw no puncture wounds but rather some exposed skin and ripped off fur in a few places. I wiped them with a wet rag and put aloe vera on the tender skin - for lack of any better meds to sooth the terrified ball of cuteness. Apparently in the world of animal rehabilitation rabbits are not a very big deal, being called the "popcorn of the forest" and usually the effort isn't made to save them. Whatevs. I am saving it.

So it's survivor warrior name I've given it is Desmond. Not very fierce but that's what came to me, and after Desmond got a name it also pooped, pee'd and perked up quite a bit. YAY! Hopefully the skin will repair quickly enough to put the fuzz muffin back out into the woods to live out a more natural life & death cycle then a house cat's blood lust.



Gratuitous said...

Some fun facts about widdle wild bunnehs:

Apply better meds. Cat saliva is toxic to rabbits (not dogs' though). It may be too late anyway.

Mama only visits the nest to nurse in the morning and at night. If you put it back (the nest is quite shallow and easily uncovered), it may still have a chance for mother's milk, although it could be completely weaned already from the look of it.

Don't let any other animals around it. Bunnies are easily terrified to death, literally.

It probably won't survive. But if it does, you'll have to keep it until it can obviously forage on its own.

You're sweet. But next time, put it back out right away. Or better yet, kill the cat. Just kidding, but seriously, outdoor cats are holy eco-terrors. They torture and kill without eating their victims. At least please put a bell on its collar.

Bort said...

My cat eats evrything it kills so i dont think a bell will be in order.
those are some really fun good facts you think you could tell me how to shower and bathe too?mabey you will correct me on my spelling and tell me what a 'bad' pet owner i is,cause really it sounds like from all your other crappy comments,that you have shit really worked out and you must be the coolest person this side of earlys mountain.
thanx a bunch dude.

Julie said...

gratuitous, you seem a little bossy. just sayin'

Gratuitous said...

Ya know, you guys are right. I am kind of a know-it-all. Although I like to think I only weigh in when something speaks to me, like when last year when one of my dogs brought me a torn-up bunny and I had to find out what to do. Thought I'd share. And it blows my mind that the the shit I say tweaks any of you. I blab, you blab, we all blab. It's just for fun.

Noel said...

Gratuitous, do you have bells on your dogs? Sounds like at least one could be classified as an eco terror. Funny, I'm wondering where you get your information about cats. Every cat I've ever owned has always eaten whatever it managed to kill, unless I took it away. Regarding your attempted "tweaking" of Leslie and, by extension, her blog readers who end up reading your commentary: the problem is the delivery. Your tone is condescending and didactic. Try sharing your knowledge without the obnoxious tone. That's all.

The Oko Box said...

sh!t, it's getting hot up in heYa...
Well, the cat that caught the bunny wasn't mine, sadly I didnt know that cat saliva was so toxic but thank gawd i have rarely ever stopped a killing since the poor victim seems to die no matter what. Desmond (the bunneh) seemed to really perk up and ate a carrot and hopped around, but died anyway later on. Too much exposed skin I think, and I don't have a cabinet full of the usual meds and herbs.
I buried him in my garden, so it'll make good compost and attract some bugs that'll ariate the soil...hopefully.

The Beautiful Kind said...

Oh, sad ending. Not many injured baby bunnies make it.

I liked Gratuitious's matter of fact comment. I don't think it was meant to offend, just frank.

RIP Desmond. Watership Down.