Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walk, Swing & Slide In The Woods

The property I live on in Big Sandy Mush has a neat little trail along a very steep hill - I have decided to walk around the loop everyday to build up endurance enough to start hiking again. These are pics from along my walk... The picture up top is a view from over the top of the ridge.
This cow was looking at me look at it for a while - I tried so hard to get a clear picture of it's ear tag that hilariously read "Mo-Bel" which I wasn't sure if that was short for 'more cow bell' or 'Moo Belle' ? Usually cows are just numbered and not named...that's what I like about living here.The woodpecker that crafted the holes in the log above must be freakin' huge. A screech owl could live in that top one it's so big!
Above is a pic of me standing next to the biggest trillium plant I have seen yet, looks like I am living in the jungle. I felt proud standing next to it the way some red blooded Americans feel when standing next to the Washington Monument... but then what happened next
took me right out my somber amazement................
These grapevines were hanging down like perfect swings to sit and fly on- so primal, majestic and calling me to try them out. Except I had some trouble mounting it so high up and... Woops Leslie! I was hanging there upside down by one leg, calling for help. he he... if it couldn't get any more bananas, when I tried getting up I kept sliding down hill in the wet mud over and over... and you can see the person behind the camera was taking pictures and laughing at me more then helping me. ;)Eventually I got my swing on though, with a little help mounting the thing. It's hard to tell, but the flora is really tall and the vine was super high off the ground plus there is nothing but steep declining hillside to swing over. Which I suppose is why I look like a stiff happy bucktooth hippy (just like my 7th grade Gym teacher)... apparently sticking out my teeth will protect me when I fall. :)At the end of the trail there was this neat centipede. Looks like it comes from the land of dinosaurs!


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