Monday, May 25, 2009

Copperhead Snake

How in the hell I convinced everyone not to kill this creature I have no idea... but here is a true poisonous snake. I saw his tongue slither in and out but there was no striking or hissing which I am assuming he was exceptionally chill because he was about to shed his skin (which I also assume because I read in a book that their eyes cloud over as the skin shedding approaches.) And let me tell ya', it looked like his eye sockets were made of ghostly white haze that could shoot a hole through your heart. A Medusa that could have turned me to stone.
I am actually really fond of snakes and have complete respect for the venomous ones too, I don't F with them so that they won't bite me. The two pictures below are of his quick and creepy departure into thicker grass... are you grossed out?


Gretta said...

Where was he?

The Oko Box said...

Hey Gretta- :)
He was right next to the cooking pit, under a piece of metal roof that had been used to keep the fire going when it rained during the goat cookout. Now I know for certain the other piosonous snake I saw in the buckwheat field was a big big copperhead, much bigger then this one.

Bort said...

you best kill him,he convinced you to eat bad fruit gawd told you not to eat,KILL I SAY KILL and eat him so as to not taste the fruit of bad bad nakedness HA!

The Oko Box said...

Bort - lol,
Maybe you can kill him by thumping his head with a bible.

Bort said...