Friday, May 29, 2009

Herb Starters, Wanna See My Babies?

I think I may possibly love growing herbs more then vegetables. This isn't to say I don't love growing veggies but just something about an herb's ability to give to every meal, that steady and unfleeting life gives it a more personal appeal (long term relationship style). I have been planting herb seeds in starter pots and then slowly moving them into my organic garden spaces... so here's introducin' a few of my babies!
First, dis' is my babie Basil... a fancy kind too that I can't remember the name of. :)
And here is my babie, little Garlic Chive...
My very favorite babie herb is Sage because the seed isn't planted in the ground but is just placed on the surface of the soil, then becomes the strongest woody herb bush with fantastical purple flowers. Mmmm.


Susie Collins said...

You beat me getting starts in the ground! Still growing out in trays, but hope to get some in the ground tomorrow. I love herbs, too. I think rosemary is my favorite. I have one up in the back yard that's ancient, big and woody.

*Stephanie* said...

Nice! I am currently growing Basil, Oregano, Mint and Cilantro and LOVE cooking with it. It adds a whole new depth to the foods. I used to buy fresh herbs from the store but some would always go to waste which I really hated.
It is so much better going to my herbs and just snipping off a piece I will use right then and there and there is no waste. It is very rewarding!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Susie!
Rosmary is the herb I use most in cooking, but growing it from seed can be hard (lavender even harder for me.) I would love to have old rosemary like you have!

*Stephanie* -
mmmmmmm. So rewarding. Some of my herbs dry real good too and I can use them through the winter. A few I keep in pots to use too during the cold months. Love love love having fresh herbs.