Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pine Comb

Let's just say something terrible was to happen, like Peak Oil or Armageddon or you went camping & forgot your hair brush...and you don't want to develop dreadlockin' knots on your well groomed head. When out in nature and in need of a full service hair brush you can just pick up a dried pine cone and comb away on those lovely locks. The more open and bigger the wedges the better- the smaller more compact pine cones like I am holding have to be held on an angle.
I was surprised how well this actually works, seems like something fairies use to brush unicorn hair or maybe how the easter bunny keeps looking so clean cut.


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*Stephanie* said...

Haha, it is so true! What is funny is I used to use pine cones to brush my dog's fur and she LOVED it. She would sit patiently until I finished and there was always plenty around, so I never ran out.

I love how nature provides us with everything we need!