Monday, May 25, 2009

Rural Entertainment

Here's the deal- in order to live in the woods in a tucked away rural community without a car, one has to be very easily entertained. And I am. Here is yesterday, a day in the life of Big Sandy Mush or better known as the Cabin Fever Prevention Plan...
*Looking for animal tracks while hiking around is a given. Trying to guess what it was gives a sense of adventure and discovery. My guess here is a raccoon or opossum track. * Watching the wildlife through my bedroom window...when they aren't in my house. :)
* Digging through cut invasive vines to find good ones for basket weaving & wreathe making. They have to be pulled out the trees & then the dried ones were gathered to soak in the pond.
* That's when Bort got the idea to swing on a clump of vines over the declining hillside, like freakin' Tarzan...
I took up the Jane torch and swung a few times, each round screaming in a terror that apparently makes my tongue hang out like a happy dog. It hurts your hands, makes you swear, and you want to do it all over again.
* Rock hunting! One of the neatest things to do in the smokey mountains. Many of the rocks we found were quartz, mica, and something that looked like garnets.

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linda said...

Woo-hoo Jane!