Thursday, May 28, 2009

Along The Trail I See...

I can walk the same path everyday and it's never the same. The magical thing about living out in the boonies where no sidewalks, parking lots or neighborhoods exist, is that you have the privilege of seeing what nature does when unattended to. And it's pretty awesome. Everyday new flowers bloom, leaves get bigger, wild mushrooms pop out the ground, fresh animal tracks stick in the mud...the creeks rise and fall with the rains that come down and the clouds re-frame the mountainy backdrop in an ever changing dramatic shroud.
Trees will bend, twist and grow depending on how the shadows and sunlight fall - creating canopies and entrances to their own secret kingdom. While the flora below creates the illusion of a soft carpeted ground, one that grows upward by the inches everyday.Livestock, as well as wild animals will carve out perfect paths to walk along that double as geometrical modern art. Every bit of growth frames the next thing behind it.

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