Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exotic Plants Indoors, Go Native Outdoors!

There are some exotic plants which are really beneficial for indoor air (like English Ivy or Mother's Tongue), meaning they are best kept contained indoors in a pot and not allowed to spread in nature. Most of the plants pushed on us by big corporate nurseries are plants that are not only invasive, genetically modified, and heavily chem sprayed, but are also damaging to the delicate ecosystem of your region. It's hard to resist them too since their flowers are soooo beautiful - the toxic hormones, fertilizers and pesticides make them look all perfect in the store, attracting us like a bee to a clover. But this year start something new gardening with flora native to your area - many of which are also medicinal & edible plus will thrive & propagate far better because they are in their natural climate!
Go here to the National Wildlife Federation's website where ya' can find out which top ten native plants are good for gardening in your area. Ask your nursery to carry plants native to your location and check at your local farmers market for vendors who sell natives (which is where I have found most of mine).

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