Sunday, April 26, 2009

PVC Free Solar Shower

I have been longing for a solar shower for quite a while now, and am so excited to tell ya'll about how the one I just got works, because I totally love it! It was purchased from REI (the camping supply store)- I ordered the biggest one which holds 5 gallons of water equaling almost 10 minutes of steamy hot shower time. For a nice warm shower anywhere you ever could go, you only have to spend about $31 which includes all the shipping & handling costs too! That's a freakin' cheap one time hot water bill! ;)The solar shower comes with only a water bag, tube, and shower head - there's no difficult assembly and the concept is so simple it's silly. The sun heats the bag for a few hours and makes hot water- which is why it was very important to me to get a PVC free plastic that would not leech into the water.
The bag can be filled anywhere there is water - a tub, sink or cold creek.
Then laid flat in the sun to heat up - on a cool day it really does take 3 hours- on a hot day this baby will scald ya' alot quicker. The directions bragged that the water could end up getting over 100 degrees and I believe it! You turn the shower nozzle to release the lovely steaming H2O and use the water pressure from hanging the bag up to let the shower begin. You can use a solar shower anywhere you hang the bag - in your bathroom, on the back porch, from a tree in the woods... through any conditions which will provide some sun for a few hours. I highly recommend it for saving money on hot water bills, making camping easier, when disasters happen or just for some summer time fun. :)XoXo


Gwynne said...

I may have to seriously get myself one of those, as I don't currently have a shower, only a tub!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Gwynne - i think they are really cool, and the fun part is you can hang it in your shower or shower outside. it cleans really well, and the higher you hang it the harder the water pressure that comes out - but it isnt like squirting out (at all) hard as a massage shower head ;)