Friday, April 17, 2009

Wolf Spider & Regional Roach

These are two of the insects that were living in the cow bones I collected a few days ago. Mr. Stripes is what I have heard called a 'Wolf Spider' by local people here in the smokey mountains, and he was HUGE... And this red & black hued beauty below, Mr. Good Bar, is the hysterically tiny cockroach of this region. No bigger then my thumb print, he's so small he's not even scary, ugly, or even scream worthy like the mega pumped up flying roaches of New Orleans. He's so fulfilled by nature he doesn't even bother to come in your house and eat your garbage, crumbs, and soap- nor will you wake up with his weight on your chest staring you down in the night, only to crawl up your face and terrorize your sleeping patterns for months. (True story circa 2000).

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Meg said...

Wolf Spiders! Yay! I love wolf spiders. We always had them in our basement when I was young, from the tiny ones to those an inch or more. I think they are quite the spider, something about them fascinates me over other spiders.