Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abandoned Silo For Michael Angelo

The homestead I live on has a huge silo that stands like a forgotten Washington Monument, erect and reaching for the sky in all it's American glory. There is something magical, mysterious and little scary about abandoned architecture so large (just check out my friend Colleen Kane's blog about abandoned buildings in Baton Rouge to get a full scope of the horror & beauty mixture.) Today was the first day I worked up the bravery to step inside the dark empty silo and what I found was something squishy on the ground, pure peace and artistic pleasure.
I stepped in through the bottom hatch, carefully in case there were any bees or insane animals hiding inside...but preferably a friendly owl. I entered into a dim empty circle with a ground so composted it was like walking on 5 inch thick carpet.When I looked up I was then in awe of the height and graceful features in such a humble container - it was like a European Chapel waiting for Michael Angelo to come and paint the thing into religious fervor!
My next adventure may lead me to climb those open hatch doors like spider man, maybe even my cell phone would work all the way up there. :)
I can not imagine growing enough corn to fill this thing, what it would be like to run that kind of farm, and I realize how little I have known about how my food ever got to me - the full process from seed to plate. The silo though, commands respect for the farm - a monument of symbolic meaning now rising high from new and smaller organic endeavours.
Oh and if you yell in there, it'll echo back at ya a few times!


Rekanize said...

I'd love to have that on my property... I'd probably end up turning it into a house, though.

Gretta said...

I haven't had the nerve to go in there since I was like 11. You have quite a way with the camera, making things look different and even more beautiful than I remember.

The Oko Box said...

Hey Rekanize-
I totally had the same thought about turning it into some crazy house. When i looked back in there today, there were tons of wasps i had not noticed, their nests, and a cat skull.

Gretta - Every camera can take our lives and make it a little hollywood ;) You shouldnt go in it maybe still, it's full of bees!