Wednesday, April 29, 2009

HAuNtEd HoUSe In Big Sandy Mush

Remember the Bearingstein Bears story book called The Spooky Old Tree? Do they dare go to the spooky old tree, YES THEY DARE! This is how I approached the neighborhood "haunted house" down the road from where I am living- with careful curiosity... equipped with only a camera and some superstitious wackadoo ideas about how to protect myself from a ghost gone wild. I didn't have a ghostbusters style ectoplasm container or a giant all in one suit for protection, but I figured my good positive energy & a little voodoo talk would do the trick. I approached this window first because it was obviously busted open by someone worse curious (and more destructive) then me. You can see my reflection in the window, that's not a transparent inhabitant of the house. Most of the house curtains are tattered badly, except in all the best places to look in - maybe the ghost is shredding the ones in the top windows, cause why do old scary houses always have curtains that look like Freddy Kruger & Edward Scissorhands had a party in there!
Inside the window wasn't much to see, but more to smell - and it was not freakin' good. It smelled of molded, astringent, roach spray, yuck-o-ness... kinda like an old wet farm shed full of scary chems from the 70's.The house (I am told) was home to a well off slave owner back in the days before equal rights & compassion to all races - the house is very much in the plantation style having a very large porch made of slats of wood on the floor and ceiling, wide columns, and an equally large balcony. It also looked as though it was boasting three large chimneys.
For some reason most the pictures I took of this house have all kinds of beams and balls of light in them too. Could be the lighting, or could be one of the creepy ghosts from these two stories...
Story One: A guy (let's call him Frankie), is driving down the haunted house road and gets a flat tire in front the scariest house on the street. Frankie doesn't change his own tires and had to call AAA for some help. But while Frankie is waiting for AAA to get there- in the dark of the night he hears an old woman yelling angry curse words at him from the empty house... the entire time he's waiting for AAA to come. Frankie was scared shitless.
Story Two: Some neighborhood boys went to the house to sleep in there, but in the middle of the night apparently the ghost got pissed at them, threw their stuff around and stole one boy's clothes - they all ran screaming for a few miles back to their comfy unhaunted homes, one little boy had to run naked.
In the picture above there was the little tattered rag blowing off the branch of the tree in the sunlight, and for some reason it was like the creepy icing on the creepy cake for me... something about the house was like a dried up desert with all the aliveness sucked out of it. Yet vibrant green grass, dandelions, azaleas and other plants were growing all around it - the house itself was like an untouched, historical time warp that stopped where ever it had ended, decaying and staying manicured all at once.I hoped to catch some ghosts in the windows, but didn't get anything that frightening to share. Maybe if I go at night with a flashlight. Do I dare, YES I DO!
PS- please please share your own haunted stories, cause I love them!