Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Opossum! Awwww

Hello baby 'possum! Oh my gawd, it's the cutest baby animal in the whole whole world - this little one belongs on Cute Overload's website. I considered keeping him forever, carrying it on my shoulder for the rest of my life (or in my pocket)...but I gave into putting him back in his wild natural habitat. He looks like a little bandit with sharp teeth and has a rat's tail, his fur was soooooo soft and pretty and his ears where like two beautiful sculptures on his head. He actually started "playin' possum" in the picture below, just rolling around limp like he was already dead - although his tummy was still pumping up and down with life. :) Then he came alive and perked up his wittle perfect ears... and did ya know opossums almost never ever have rabies.

ooooooooh, I wuve him forevwa.


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Anonymous said...

OMG Leslie, I can't believe the life you've created for yourself. And here is reason #547 why you belong in the woods.