Friday, November 28, 2008

Sewing With Organic Cotton Scraps

I am especially proud of this sewing project... not because it is cute but I used organic scrap fabric that I have had for almost two years and to make this shirt it only cost me $2 (and that was 2 years ago)!!! I used another shirt I had that fit well to use as a pattern, and cut around those edges. The sleeves are just two tubes to attach to the arm openings, and the organic fleece scrap fabric in red made the perfect quirky accent. I considered making them into pockets, but left them decorative.
I sewed the entire shirt in a zig zag stitch, leaving the stitch seams exposed on the outside of the shirt. This not only made the project go twice as fast, but gave it an eco crafty cool look :) If you want to hide your seams, then simply turn the shirt inside out.
YAY! A quick easy top with mid length sleeves- making this piece transitional for fall, winter and spring.


Nick knows said...

Have I ever told you that you are amazing at crafting and creating? If I have not you are amazing at crafting and creating. Another really awesome project!

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Nick -
I think i might want to try more applique stuff now... maybe some pockets too.

Susie Collins said...

OMG Leslie, it's great enough that you used organic material and everything but this is SO CUTE!! I love that you put the seams on the outside.