Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Discount: 25% Off At The Oko Box

The economy crunch hasn't made holiday shopping very easy this year (see the hardcore faces in the picture...). What we all need are more sales, discounts, and a more functional government! If you are planning on buying green presents this season some affordable and fabulous ideas are organic undies, hemp snow hats, scarves, and reusable shopping bags.
With the coupon code "okoholiday" you can get an additional 25% off everything at The Oko Box - making shopping just a little bit easier.


Lou Cheese said...

I like the color on the hemp knit hat. Are they all that color?

The Oko Box said...

Hey Lou Cheese!
In that particular design there is only the bright orange. The Kali Knit (for ladies) hat has a few other colors like red, black, green and white. :)