Thursday, November 20, 2008

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

One of the main reasons I started my organic clothing store was because I learned how the fashion industry was using chemicals & common allergens to stiffen the clothes, strong dyes that were poisonous to our skin & the earth, and fabrics made of chemicals (polyester) or sprayed with chemicals (cotton). Being that I have chemical sensitivities regular 'mall' clothing became something I could not tolerate. I have many customers who also have MCS, who can only wear organic cotton with clay dye, color grown cotton, or dye free - because even the low impact dyes have enough chemical compounds in them to bother people.
I saw this great, sad and very validating video today on MCS - mainly focusing on those brave folks who fought in the Gulf War or experienced 9/11, only to now find they can not go near perfume, smoke, household cleaners, etc without getting extremely ill. Many doctors have tried to blow off MCS as depression or even as some psychosis. As evidence mounts, people start to listen, and researchers unveil the toxicity in many products we've been told were "safe" - the dark cloud of misconception over MCS is being lifted.

Here's a quick list of commonly used toxic products which are disabling to those with MCS:
1. Perfume and Cologne

2. household cleaners (sometimes even the eco ones!)

3. car exhaust

4. scented body care products (like soap and shampoo)

5. smoke (cigs, cigars, trees burning, etc...)

6. new plastic

7. air freshener (spray or plug in)

8. detergent

9. paint (house and art), wood stain, solvents

10. bug spray/pesticides (from a bottle or on food)

These all emit some level of toxicity that effects everyone's health (even if your symptoms aren't as extreme those with MCS) so reduce (second choice) or replace with a healthy version (first choice)!


Susie Collins said...

The loss of life was too horrible to fully comprehend, but in addition to that tragedy, so many people were made sick at ground zero. Not just the first responders and clean up crews, but many people who worked and lived in the area. You hardly ever hear anybody outside NYC talking about it, but many of those people have respiratory problems including serious chemical sensitivity. And the same is true for the Gulf War Vets, who for years and years were poo-hooed about their complaints. So many are sick still with horrible illnesses. A panel has just released a report that says, all these years later, that Gulf War Illness is indeed real and was caused by chemical exposure during the war-- chemical exposure caused by the US military, not the enemy. Makes my heart break.

The Oko Box said...

my heart breaks too, that as a human race we are still so ignorant about the chemicals we put out there - yet are SO advanced in our technology. it is a tragedy that any us, from veteren to the common person, would have to deal with unregulated, un tested chemicals on a regular basis- causing serious disabling illness. it's amazing to me that the Vets and people at ground zero could be ignored for so long, when it's a no brainer they were exposed to horrible chems.
My wish is for a world in which every product available is safely made, regulated, and non toxic... so we can all enjoy our lives a little easier.

Hussey said...

This is very wrong and worse thing is that we can’t do anything and it was very bad to see how people have been facing problems and is dealing with respiratory problems.