Thursday, November 6, 2008

Check Your City's Air Quality

It's good to be educated about the quality of life you are living, especially the air you are breathing. Even though you might forget you are breathing all day long 24/7, your body does not forget and the pollution you may be breathing could cause serious health problems over time. AIR NOW is a great website that has a city by city guide to help those of us with lung related disorders such as asthma, MCS or lung cancer to navigate when it is best to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Even if your city is in the clear (green=good) I found it really interesting to scroll down the list and see who was having air quality issues, it may surprise you to see who has yellow & orange warnings today!
Check out AIR NOW here.
PS- Thanks to Lou Cheese for sharing the Air Now website over on his blog Living W/ Chemical Sensitivities.

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