Friday, November 21, 2008

Toots Uses A Reusable Shopping Bag

My kitty Toots really enjoys this lightweight organic cotton reusable shopper sent to me by designer Meadow. :) I cut a little hole for her to peek out of, since I knew I could sew it back together later... that is if she doesn't want to travel this way everyday. She loved it and purrrred happily in her faux womb.
( Don't mind me being in pajamas/long johns ... it's snowing today and I didn't think I needed to get dressed.) Isn't Toots the cutest !??!


Susie Collins said...

Toots is SO cute!! That little nose sticking out of the bag, too much. I can't believe her coloring, it's beautiful. She's such a sweetie. :-) Her "faux womb," love that.

The Oko Box said...

Toots says thanks susie! She thinks she's pretty hot stuff too :)