Friday, November 7, 2008

Economy Collapse: How To Have Fun For Free

If you haven't noticed yet that the US economy has completely fallen in on itself then possibly you have been lucky enough to be existing in a cave free of rent payments & living off the land. Or you may be filthy rich and unaffected. Either way we all love to get our fun on for free and save money for important things like keeping the electricity turned on and feeding ourselves. Here's some simple ideas that don't cost you a dime...

1. Lay in the grass. This is something that not only is relaxing, can lead to giggles and a good face tan, but there's always a patch of grass somewhere to enjoy and can be a time to really bond with someone you love.

2. Upcycle craft projects. Most people have a good amount of stuff in their house they no longer like or use (from back when the economy was stabilized) - whether it be some stretched out sweater, knick knacks, or empty bottles... there is something brilliant you can transform these things into. Check out Crafting A Green World's plethora of upcycle craft projects you can do at home. Not only will it be free, but also creativity is good for the soul.

3. Plan an 'Economy Sucks' party. This is not going to be planned by the normal standards of hosting a party, with this type of party it will be known from the start that you won't be putting out a dollar to have it at your abode. The focus is to get together with friends, and not to put on a show. Simply use non disposable plates or glasses you have and ask for guests to only bring something to drink or eat they already have on hand, no one is allowed to spend money for it. The theme is about having fun with friends and not about eating finger sandwiches- so let go of the party rules you've had before.

4. Walk or ride a bike. Exercise is good, but people watching is better. There are things in your neighborhood, town or park you just can't see when wizzing by in a car- but when taking a nice stroll you will find nuances of creativity that didn't exist for you before.

5. Trade used books for more used books. FREE books are awesome, and most used book stores will give you a good credit for some of your used books, so you can go pick yourself up something else to read! Other free reading includes going to your local library (on foot or bike) to check out books or reading an e-book online.

6. Free Local Music. Somewhere in your town someone would like to entertain you for free. Check your local paper for listings of free music, performances, festivals, workshops and events like Green Drinks. If you walk or ride your bike and bring your own snack from home you don't need to spend money in order to have a good time and socialize.

7. Support groups. If the whole collapsed economy thing has got you down beyond being capable of having fun, you can do like the dude in Fight Club and join some free local support groups -from AA to sexaholics anonymous, there is probably something that can help you feel like you are not alone.

Have any FREE ideas of your own?


Jason Bugg said...

A lot of times the girlfriend and I are broke, and we end up just listening to music and making up songs together. Dirty ones.

Bort and I just ask each other increasingly weirder and more banal hypothetical questions.

The Oko Box said...

Making up songs together is fun - having instruments on hand is a good way to entertain oneself at no charge :) ...
People often give away pianos- so maybe for those of us in asheville going to and typing in "free" in the search box can be bunches of fun. Possibly you could build a house with all the free stuff in there!!!

Susie Collins said...

When we realized things might get tight, we stopped buying new plants and stuff for our garden (where just about ALL our disposable income goes). And it's been fun to see how much we've done. We've gone wild crafting for starts, used rocks and dirt and other resources from our own yard instead of buying new, planted baby starts from our own plants instead of buying new. We haven't really wanted for anything.

Oh, and my neighbor brought me an old bathtub they found for FREE that I was supposed to make into an outside bathing area, but instead turned into a pond. It's filled with swordtails and is one of my favorites, and I didn't have to buy a new pond form.

And I had to laugh about "lay in the grass." I do that all the time! Flat on my back, looking up at clouds and sky or stars and moon. LOVE IT. Best show in town.

Siel said...

On the economy sucks idea -- A friend's started a "recession thursday" potluck dinner. Everyone brings a dish and goes home full :)

The Oko Box said...

hey Siel-
That is a really good idea - my inner Cajun loves it because not only do you end up with more food, but making something out of nothing is in my DNA.

I love that your fish pond was a bath tub...but those outside baths sound so nice too! Once you have a garden as beautiful as yours, using plants that are already around is an awesome idea. I colect wildflower seeds at the end of the season to make gardens with each year.