Friday, May 2, 2008

Crafting A Green World

Want to know how to green your crafting style, and stop the out of control addiction to china made craft supplies? I know how it is, I was once a Hobby Lobby junkie- I couldn't stop buying chemical dyed feathers, miniature anything, sea shells, fake flowers, iron ons, glues, tiny starfish ... it goes on and on. But we are entering a future where the environment will need to be considered in every purchase. Crafters have the power to change the market & create not only cool DIY but also a cleaner planet. That's why Crafting A Green World is here to help, you know kinda like rehab for the slave made craft supply addicted.
Thanks CAGW for making a safe place for eco friendly craft-a-holics everywhere!

PS- I write for Crafting A Green World now, so check out my posts on Fridays :)

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Nickcoelodeon said...

I was checking that out today. I don't want to be biased or anything but...Wow! Your post was the best! Spicey!!!!