Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eco Auction @ The Oko Box

Organic Clothing is already a rare niche, but if you are the super rare one of a kind collectible type you will L-O-V-E the eco auction @ the oko box! These garments for auction are exclusive one or two of a kind samples made by hot eco designers such as RYANN and ECOGANIK. These creations never went to production, and would otherwise be sitting in storage tucked away in the designer's dark closet never basking in the spotlight it deserves.
Call it couture, call it unique, call it simple, cute, trendy - any way you look at it these hot samples rock, and bidding starts at the lowly wholesale price!

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Nickcoelodeon said...

I was looking at your website again and am still totally impressed with the new design. Keep up the good work!