Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer Flash: Hot Eco Bikinis

There are many great things happening to eco fashion, as it branches out of it's safe little cocoon and spreads it's wings into more fringed opportunities. Like how organic wedding dresses & organic lingerie were once a figment of only your imagination but now are an exquisite reality, sexy swimwear in organic cotton is no longer a fantasy. Not sure you believe me? Check out The Green Set blog this week,

where she is uncovering every eco swimmy in existence! Hooray! The hotties pictured here are by designers Kelly B and Machja. Machja is a rare thing in the US (exclusively at The Oko Box), and the only other chance of getting this hot organic swimsuit is in Europe.
I know the pics here don't look very beachy, but that's because there are no beaches in the smokey mountains - which is where I live. We wear our eco bikinis in the woods, in caves, & around muddy creeks and ponds. ;)


Anonymous said...

We also wear them at the lake, in the river, camping, hiking, and at Dollywood, lol!

The Oko Box said...

lol! How could I leave out Dollywood... ;)