Monday, May 5, 2008

Something Fresh For Lunch?

Had to share my excitement, I got to eat from my organic garden for the first time this season!!! This is a picture of the organic French Breakfast & White Icycle radishes I grew from seed & picked for my lunch. Despite the lack of rain they still have grown pretty large, smelled something like wasabi, and tasted oh so yummy in my stir fry over organic rice noodles. If you can't grow your own garden the next best thing will be your local farmers market, which is much fresher then even the organic grocery chains. Local farmers usually have picked those veggies fresh the night before or that morning, and are far more eco friendly, produce less CO2 in transport and are healthy too.
Eat Fresh- eat from your yard or local farmers market!


Corinne said...

We joined a CSA--Fat Blossom in Allegan, MI-- and are ready for those first springtime goodies too! Yay!

The Oko Box said...

hey Corinne! That is so cool, and I really like the name of that farm :)