Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eco Action Check List

So here's my personal Eco Check List of things I do and things I would like to start doing for the environment. Share your own list in the comments section, so we can see all the little ways we are making a difference!

*I bring reusable hemp shopping bags everywhere I go.

*I recycle all my plastic, cans, glass, paper, etc...

*I eat 100% organic, and also from local farmer's markets.

*I buy sustainable, vintage, organic, fair trade, or natural fiber clothing & accessories when i need something "new".

*I would like to have a full house water filtration system, because for health reasons I still drink bottled water (spring/artisian) and feel the bottles are wasteful and not healthy themselves due to BPA contamination. (But i am highly sensitive to any amount of chlorine).

*I cut down on "extra stuff" and keep only the basic necessities for furniture, cooking, gardening, and general living.

*I walk ALOT. I fill up my truck with gas about once every 4-6 months, and live in town so I can get everything I need without having to drive.

*I would like to own my own house, rather then rent because I feel I could do so much more to be energy efficient if I had full rule over my domain ;)

* I am on a medical diet, I can't buy bulk food which reduces plastic/packaging waste, because of the gluten dust on dried goods... this one REALLLLLLLLY bothers me. I really want the whole dusting food with wheat thing to stop so I can go back to earth friendly bulk buying.

*I cook all my meals, 3 x's a day.

*I donate anything I don't use to local thrift stores.

Now it's you turn!!! :)


tumbleweed said...

a mountaineering water filter with ceramic core is an excellent investment to cover drinking water and MUCH better than those nasty plastic bottles (which are in themselves poisonous)

nickcoelodeon said...

Hard to find one thing to say you can do better in a list of things you are doing to be more mindful to benefit the planet. Water filtration systems are great for people without chemical sensitivities but unless you have the money to fork out for one that takes out all of the chlorine then I think the earth can forgive you for drinking from water bottles.

The Oko Box said...

Hey Tumbleweed, do you have a link to those water filters? When I have extra money to invest it is #1 on my list, and I want it to be a really good one! The one I linked to in this post I had installed in one of the houses (I sold) and it worked so awesome, i miss it. Ceramic sounds even better though.