Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thrift Score.... and bruiser drives the truck?


Today, I went(with the neighbors dog) to the thrift store! Then I wanted to go visit my Aunt (who is so awesome) but I got totally lost on the way to her place cause all the street signs were bent ajar, and the numbers on the houses were not consistent.

I stopped to ask directions 3 times on one straight road.

The third time, I was asking some 100 yr old man at a nursing home about using a phone, when i turned around I see my truck was driving away with the dog in reverse, down the nursing home driveway and out into the street, and up on someones lawn- people on the road were slamming on the breaks & slowing down - i was running and screaming, chasing down my truck - luckily before it could hit the person's house, it hit a uphill patch of grass and it forced the truck to slow/stop reversing.

A lil' video of da' adventcha ::::



jason said...

Oh man. I would be freaking out too if that happened. I can't imagine. Awesome thrift store stuff.

Vicky said...

Things that occurred to me while watching the video:
1. I can almost smell the thrift store smell.
2. A few years ago I was given a Precious Moments doll. If you press the belly, it says a prayer in a really creepy voice.
3. I think Bruiser is traumatized, poor baby.
4. JuJu is so happy to see you. I think if she was human, she would have run into your arms and hugged you until you squeaked.

Lou Cheese said...

That town you were driving in reminded me of the town in an 80's film called River's Edge. It featured what was probably the best performance of four different actors, Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, Ione Skye, and Dennis Hopper, although Hopper's performance in Easy Rider and Hoosiers was certainly noteworthy-but he stole the show in this film. You can d/l the film on bit torrent still. It used to have a cult following, and I guess a few of us old folk are still around to keep the Fleck, err, flick available (inside joke).

Anonymous said...

Please tell us you staged the runaway truck. No body can be that ditsy in real life.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Anonymous!
You're an asshole. :)

I dont find it ditsy at all... the dog simply hit the car out of park and into reverse while i wasn't in the car for 30 seconds... he had to hit it just the right way, and it was a freak accident.

Creative insult from anonymous: FAIL.