Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anxiety Attack... and so much more


I have anxiety sometimes. How about you?
(btw- the title of this video says all of what you will see!) :)



Design Fetish said...

I'm sorry about your anxiety attack! But it appeared to go away somewhat quickly! Yay! Did being outside in the sun help? I've read that the Vitamin D we absorb through sunlight helps with anxiety and nerves. Perhaps all those road trips to town can be good in the end? I suffer from generalized panic disorder and find that any amount of fresh air and good music help me. That and the pharmacy that lives in my bathroom cabinets. :)

I love your grocery store by the way! Much more relaxed than those that I go to. Our Whole Foods and M.O.M.'s are like zoos! Always busy and always cram packed with people.

Happy Sunday! Blessed be!

Benjammin said...

Leslie, I love your videos. They are SO good. Especially with White Lion. Keep it rockin!!!

Anonymous said...

have PTSD--you are not alone. The anxiety gets better if you face it instead of running from it like most of do at first. I have certain triggers--most of them are subconscious but I really try to track the thought or situation that triggers them. Sort of like tracking in the woods only the terrain is your inner landscape. P.S. Was that a cardinal on the stump at the start of your roadtrip?--kirk

Yvonne Mokihana Calizar said...

Anxiety ... yes, I am familiar with it. PTSD does trigger the rewind of stress, and @ Kirk, I have had similar experiences to pull myself through.

I've not been in a car for most of the last two months, and will ease myself into my old faithful Forrester when it's done off-gassing from a repair job.

Seeing YOU in the car is inspiration ... anxiety? Yah, cars are really toxic toys and when you're away from 'em for awhile YIKES.

Take care,

William Blake said...