Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just Fire


I made a big bon fire... to burn branches from the hemlock trees that died and have the disease that's killing them. Also a funeral fire to burn my chickens who died this winter.
and a fire to keep me warm while sitting outdoors in the cold wind. Something about a good fire, makes me feel so alive, relaxed and full of love. (I could be mixing this up with my PMS though, aka enhanced dramatic emotions... ask me in a week or so!)



Jim said...

There is an outdoor burning ban in WNC.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Can you elaborate Jim, with links to laws of such thing.
Particular to my county and area? Madison county.
I know burning trash, like plastic and metal is not allowed. But burning wood?
Especially burning the diseased branches of the dead hemlocks is something no one would ban, since we prefer for it not to spread.

Wild Canary said...

Leslie, people that really don't understand the cleansing effects of fire have been busy outlawing it. While it makes sense in the cities, it makes no sense in rural areas, especially for the purpose you use it for.
In fact it will create more trouble.That is the bad part of laws restricting everything.
Many people use fake logs and burn plastic (even when they are not supposed to) So, they strike up a law and we are not able to take care of the business at hand.
PS We live in Mad Co in a different state...funny

Jim said...

At the time of my post, the outdoor burning ban was due to extremely dry conditions in WNC. The dry conditions, high winds and chance of an ember flying off and sparking a forest fire was the reason for the temporary ban.

The bans come and go depending on dry/wet conditions. You would find out about a ban when you try to obtain your outdoor burning permit for a specific date(s).

While bans are temporary, it is a legal requirement in your county to obtain an outdoor burning permit before burning anything (including wood) outdoors.

You could get information about all this from your local fire department.

The law is actually good since it helps prevent people from starting uncontrollable forest fires.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I burned during the two days it was raining, plus i put rock and ash, and poured buckets of water around the fire too. (and i dont know what dry conditions they are talking about, but up here everything has been soaked, i still had ice melting.)
I didn't know i had to get a permit to burn wood on my own property.
So much for a free country!!! LOL
If they wanna ban something, they ought to start banning things that are really dangerous to public health, and start teaching people basic living skills - like how to start & properly control a fire. That is one of the most basic human skills of our species!

Lou Cheese said...

R.I.P. Lucky, I mean Luck Cabin chickens. You could have ended up anywhere, but you wound up with someone who loved and appreciated you.

That is very lucky indeed.

M said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I especially liked your comments about the feeling of the fire :)