Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Me and Cows...


I don't really understand cows... but i think they understand me.



Oldfool said...

Those are feeders. Another few hundred pounds then it is off to the slaughter house. I had a couple once upon a time and sold them much to early to someone else because I became attached (a weakness of mine).
Like horses if you turn your back on them and pretend to ignore them they are likely to come right up to you and wipe their nose on you. Like all us mammals some like to be scratched.
They pretty much only understand grass and water. They are compelled to do sex but they do not know anymore about it than humans.

Joan said...

Aren't they funny..cows! When my boys were little we used to play 'statues' with the cows. We'd walk and they would follow..when we turned they'd stop and we'd say'you're out'. The boys used to think it was very funny. I love your blog. You are wonderful.

CS said...

Have a look here.