Friday, February 11, 2011

JuJu the donkey, Lost and Found Part 2


I try again to get JuJu to come home with me.

As you see she doesn't make it all the way. My new suspicion is that she does not like the neighbors dog- which has always been true but it may have been a bit more acute with her hormonal state. Donkey naturally hate canines, particularly coyotes, and are only a bit tolerant of domesticated dogs and sometimes they are not even that - they will kill them.
So here is my next plan of action::::
Plan #1 --- go get JuJu without the dog around
Plan #2 --- tie her to the back of my truck and tug her home slowly (but i need help with that one...)
Plan #3 --- hold up a mirror and let her fall in love with her own reflection, and she can follow the mirror home. (thanks for the idea Noel!)



Jodie said...

I learned that donkeys hate dogs the scary way 0_0 My neighbours have/had 2 donkeys, one afternoon I was up my favourite pine tree with my little white dog waddling around the paddocks when the donkeys caught sight of him an charged, they tried to stomp him to death while chasing him, thank god he was a quick bugger back then, or I would have suffered irreparable emotional damage that day >_>

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

It's pretty clear that she wants to be in the direct sunlight and that place is where it's at. You needed to go to the parking lot of the library, she needs to be in the front yard of that house to catch rays.