Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missing New Orleans, singing Iko Iko


One of my favorite songs from New Orleans is the Dixie Cup's Iko Iko! When I was a kid i thought it was amazing, and little did I know that when i was 19 years old i'd have a job at the New Orleans Saenger Theatre, I would be working with two of the singers from the Dixie Cups (Ms. Barbara and Ms Rose)... man did we have a great time on the job, alot of laughing...
I can't sing worth a poop, and I only had sticks to play... and of course Iko Iko totally needs the back ups singers... plus i left out a whole verse.
But oh my gawd, did it feel good to sit in the sun and sing something really familiar to my heart and my culture.
I miss that culture so much... (sorry mountain people, but, New Orleans does it bettah!)


Spray Advisory said...

They only used sticks too :)

Oldfool said...

I find your singing quite nice. it's real and I like real.